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Benefits to Insureds/Users

  1. Request and store insurance policies directly from your insurance agent.
  2. Insurance information easily tracked by coverage type and policy year.
  3. Quick access to changes, endorsements and vehicle ID cards.
  4. Reduce paper use and carbon footprint.
  5. 24/7 access to critical insurance information.

Benefits to Insurance Agents/Brokers

  1. Provide a value added service to your clients.
  2. Simplify distribution of policies, endorsements, and vehicle ID cards.
  3. Reduce distribution costs, such as postage, printing and preparation.
  4. No cost for the basic service (upload and storage).

Other Services

Cloud Based Document Management provides document management and electronic signature features for only $49 per year (unlimited users / unlimited documents). This simple tool greatly simplifies the distribution, e-signature and storage of contracts and other important documents.

As low as $0
Two Options
With two pricing models, can be free for certificate “requestors” or free for certificate “submitters.” With either pricing model, the costs are substantially less than competing systems, Requester paid subscriptions are free to the submitter and as low as $249 per year plus $2.99 per coverage verification. Submitter paid subscriptions are free to the Requester and as low as $4.99 per coverage verification for the submitter.
Quarterly Monitoring
It's important to ensure that coverage remains in force. Our optional monitoring service contacts the submitter’s insurance agent/broker to confirm that insurance coverage is still in force at an interval you select. Annual subscription is $19.99 plus 20 cents per submitter per month.

Coming Soon
Free Account
With, a contractor can monitor as many subcontractors as they wish at no cost.
Standard Account
Firm's that wish to use the training functionality must pay a monthly licensing fee as low as $4.99 per month.

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