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Benefits to Certificate Submitters

  1. Easier way to request certificates from insurance agents.
  2. Reduce delayed payment from general/upper tier contractor due to missing proof of insurance.
  3. Tracks and documents insurance & demonstrates that documentation was sent on time.
  4. Electronic storage of certificates of insurance.
  5. Provides clear direction to insurance agent regarding contract and insurance requirements.

Benefits to Certificate Requesters

  1. Reduce risk associated with insurance audits.
  2. Reduce exposure to denied insurance claims.
  3. Better meet contractual obligations to upper tier contractors and property owners.
  4. Insurance companies may provide premium discounts for effective risk transfer programs.
  5. Transfer risk to the parties responsible for the problem (injury, damage, defects, etc.)
  6. Increased efficiency through automation.
  7. Monitor submitter’s insurance coverage to avoid lapses.
  8. Uncover exclusions with certificate submitter’s insurance.

Benefits to Insurance Agents/Brokers

  1. Greater clarity on coverage requirements.
  2. Reduce duplication – fewer errors and missing certificates.
  3. Provides proof that certificates were provided.
  4. System only requests new certificates for active certificate holders.
  5. Save on printing and postage.
  6. Assist clients to better manage risk transfer process. 



Collecting, Tracking and Storing Certificates

Certificates of insurance can be a real hassle. Collecting the right documents from the right people, keeping track of them, getting them updated at the right time and keeping your insurance company or upper tier satisfied can be a nightmare. Most companies use a manual process, with folders, binders and spreadsheets that require constant updating.

Construction Defects

Construction defect litigation is on the rise. Depending on the state, a contractor may have ten or more years of liability for defects. Your insurance may or may not cover damage related to these defects, particularly if the work was performed by a subcontractor.

Additional Insured

To protect your company, it’s common to be listed as an “additional insured” by your subcontractors, vendors or tenants. In a perfect world, this would shift litigation and damage costs to their insurance company, however, not all “additional insured” provisions are the same and many require contractual agreements which may not be in place. Some “additional insured” provisions only provide protection while a job is in progress (ongoing operations), leaving no protection at all when a job is done (completed operations). Finally, an “additional insured” provision may be worthless if the type of work performed was excluded by the insurance policy.

Insurance Exclusions

Many insurance companies have introduced exclusions to standard policies. Often contractors and their subcontractors aren’t even aware of the exclusions, after all who wants to read an insurance policy? A standard certificate of insurance does not list these important exclusions. Exclusions can be catastrophic when they relate to the specific kind of work the contractor or subcontractor performs. For example, a subcontractor with a residential exclusion has no coverage when performing work on a residential project. Other exclusions are trade specific, such as a soil subsidence exclusion which may not matter to a painting contractor but is big problem for an excavator.

Solutions allows certificate requesters to manage the risk transfer process with their subcontractors, vendors and tenants.

Certificate requesters select and send specific coverage requirements through the system and receive greater assurance that coverage meets their requirements than a standard certificate.

The insurance agent(s) selected by the submitter are notified of the exact coverage requirements so that they may upload certificates, endorsements and exclusions.

Streamlined Audits

Annual insurance audits can be a huge pain and common mistakes can lead to higher premiums. Some insurance companies may even deny a claim or modify your coverage if you don’t have sufficient documentation on your subcontractors, vendors and tenants. helps ensure that you have the necessary data on-hand when an audit is performed. With a few clicks, you can export all the relevant certificates by line of coverage, date range, specific subcontractor or more. This feature is included in every account.

Through a secure invitation process, an insurance company representative can even be granted read only access to your coverage data, potentially avoiding a visit altogether. provides document management and electronic signature features for only $49 per year (unlimited users / unlimited documents). This simple tool greatly simplifies the distribution, e-signature and storage of contracts and other important documents. promotes job-site safety and compliance by scheduling and managing safety meetings.

Firms establish the frequency of safety meetings and inspections which are conducted by supervisors on their smart phones or tablets. Audio training is provided in both English and Spanish on over 250 topics. When training is completed, the supervisor is able to record who was present for the training, satisfying OSHA record-keeping requirements. Inspection reports include photos and automated notifications of problems.

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GMC Mobile

The GotMySafety mobile app promotes job-site safety and monitors compliance.


Cloud Based Document Management provides document management and electronic signature features for only $49 per year (unlimited users / unlimited documents). This simple tool greatly simplifies the distribution, e-signature and storage of contracts and other important documents.

As low as $0
Two Options
With two pricing models, can be free for certificate “requestors” or free for certificate “submitters.” With either pricing model, the costs are substantially less than competing systems, Requester paid subscriptions are free to the submitter and as low as $249 per year plus $2.99 per coverage verification. Submitter paid subscriptions are free to the Requester and as low as $4.99 per coverage verification for the submitter.
Quarterly Monitoring
It's important to ensure that coverage remains in force. Our optional monitoring service contacts the submitter’s insurance agent/broker to confirm that insurance coverage is still in force at an interval you select. Annual subscription is $19.99 plus 20 cents per submitter per month.

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Free Account
With, a contractor can monitor as many subcontractors as they wish at no cost.
Standard Account
Firm's that wish to use the training functionality must pay a monthly licensing fee as low as $4.99 per month.